FAQ - Questions & Answers

I am 27 years old. Do I have to use anti-aging care?

Today's environmental influences stress the skin and dry it out, which is why it is all the more important to protect your skin from environmental influences early in order to minimize wrinkles later. So it is not a question of age when we start protecting our skin.

I have eczema. Can I use actiMare Face without any problems? Neurodertimis is an incurable skin disease, but actiMare can help to alleviate it. With the active ingredient combination of sea salt, ectoin and algae extract, actiMare can reduce redness and itching.

Does the dead sea salt help with neurodermatitis?

The beneficial and healing effects of salt water and a salt bath on the organism are well known. There are users who can confirm that bathing in sea salt or salt from the Dead Sea is good. Here, however, attention should be paid to the duration of the bath in order to prevent drying out and irritation of the skin. Salt baths must of course not be used with open cuts and cracks, as well as with other open injuries.

I have normal skin, can I also use actiMare Face?

actiMare Face ANTI AGING was developed for sensitive skin and can therefore of course also be used for normal skin. Healthy and normal skin also needs protection.

Are your products and raw materials tested on animals?

We do not support animal testing. Our products and raw materials are not tested on animals. We also do not commission experiments and tests on animals. On March 11, 2009, a ban was issued for all EU countries, which relates to the sale of cosmetic preparations that have been tested in animal experiments, as well as products whose ingredients have been tested on animals outside the EU.

Do actiMare products contain mineral oils or paraffins?

No! Only high-quality and very well-tolerated vegetable oils have been used, which of course conform to natural cosmetics.